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What is eNRgyTT?


Online Energy Blog

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Mision and Vision

This blog aptly named eNRgyTT is geared towards being a hub for all energy-related news both locally and internationally. 

It covers energy markets, energy policy, new trends in energy and the transition to newer, more sustainable forms of energy.

The main goal of eNRgyTT is to promote education and awareness while encouraging healthy well-informed discussions.


Who is eNRgyTT?

Neisha Ramdass, BSc. MBA

Energy Analyst/Blogger



a bit about me:

I'm a passionate energy analyst, from the twin-island republic Trinidad and Tobago with a BSc. majoring in Environmental and Natural Resource Management and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I have developed a keen interest for energy policy and the issues surrounding them, leading me to pursue a Master of Business Administration in Sustainable Energy Management.


I believe that in order for positive change to occur, we must be informed and aware. My desire to promote public education and awareness within the energy sector led me in the unique direction of becoming a modern energy blogger/vlogger. I am committed to champion, support and advocate for positive youth involvement and participation within Trinidad and Tobago.

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